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High Flow Polyamides Technyl Star™

Producer: Solvay
Polymer type PA 6, PA 66

TECHNYL STAR™ is Solvay's brand of high flow polyamide 6 (PA6) and polyamide 6.6 (PA66) which goes beyond traditional polyamide properties, delivering major processing gains and opening up new application opportunities.

General info


Solvay TECHNYL STAR™ PA6 is from the polyamide 6 range which provides productivity while offering design freedom and a perfect surface finish.

On average TECHNYL STAR™ PA6 delivers a minimum 10% reduction in injection cycle time, 20% decrease in injection pressure, a clamping force reduction of 30% and a processing temperature reduction of 40˚C, against traditional polyamide 6 grades. This gives processors and moulders significant cost time and energy saving advantages.


TECHNYL STAR™ PA66 is from the high flow polyamide 6.6 range. Combining superior flow together with a currently unmet level of reinforcement (up to 60%), Technyl Star™ AFX offers unequalled stiffness, temperature resistance and incomparable processability.

TECHNYL STAR™ PA66 bridges the gap between standard polyamides and more costly high performance plastic or metal solutions.

Main properties of TECHNYL STAR™ PA6 and TECHNYL STAR™ PA66 grades:

  • Productivity
    • Reduced mould filling time
    • Energy cost saving
    • Reduced clamping force
  • Process optimisation
    • Maintenance cost reduction
    • Increased number of cavities
    • Injection machines downsizing
  • Design freedom in tools and parts
    • Fewer injection points and smaller runner
    • Less scrap
  • Excellent thermal & mechanical properties
    • High stiffness
    • High mechanical property retention after ageing at elevated temperatures
  • Attractive surface aspect
    • Excellent surface finish
    • Scrap rate reduction for post-surface treatment

Typical Technyl Star™ applications

Automotive: engine covers, gear lever housings, door handle and lock applications.

Electricals & electronics: appliance and industrial controls, such as control switchgear, rotary switches and timers thanks to products being halogen and red phosphorous free.

Consumer & industrial goods: power tools, machine components such as bearing cages, pumps, pneumatic connectors or cable chains.


Technyl Star™ PA6 high flow grades

  • Technyl Star™ SX 218 V50 50% glass reinforced
  • Technyl Star™ SX 218 V60 60% glass reinforced
  • Technyl Star™ S 216/S 218 V30 30% glass reinforced
  • Technyl Star™ S 216/S 218 V35 35% glass reinforced
  • Technyl Star™ S 218 MT40 40% mineral reinforced
  • Technyl Star™ SX 218 MZ20 V10 30% glass + mineral reinforced

Technyl Star™ PA66 high flow grades

  • Technyl Star™ AFX 218 V50 50% glass reinforced
  • Technyl Star™ AFX 218 V60 60% glass reinforced


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